On your marks, get set..GO!


With the London Olympics 2012 on it’s way why not set yourself a personal best challenge and get the whole house sparkling from top to bottom with a little help from us, of course, at True Shine Windows. Give us a call and let us tackle the grime and dirt on your gutters, soffits and fascias or your conservatory. We’re keen to do interior window and interior conservatory cleans too. Our goal is to amaze you with a clean and polish worthy of a gold medal. We’re warming up on the starting line and raring to go on 01376 572046 or 07957 618322. Call TODAY!!

Summer revisited!

Following a fairly dire summer we now have superb weather and lots of sunshine. Everyone’s making the best of it and the roads are busy with people journeying to beaches and country parks.

In the meantime, the sunshine is showing up all the cobwebs and grime on your windows….and when you’re sitting in your conservatory the dirt will be staring right back at you.

Call David or Charmaine on 01376 572046 or 07957 618322 to ask for a quotation and a £5 demo.
See for yourself what our Water Fed Pole system can do.


Are your gutters blocked?

Guttering protects your exterior walls from rain and moisture by channelling it from the roof to a drain in the ground. When the guttering becomes blocked damp patches can appear, damaging the interior, appearance and condition of your home.

Call True Shine Windows and we will hoover the debris and leaves from your gutter without using ladders.
An extendable pole with a special goose neck attachment is used and all work is completed from the ground. Once debris is removed the visible part of the gutter can be cleaned and restored to it’s original appearance using our pure water system.

Contact us on 01376 572046 or 07957 618322 and ask for David or Charmaine