Is the water fed pole system more effective than traditional methods?
The water evaporates without a smear or stain, glass remains cleaner for longer and the brushing action glides smoothly over vertical and horizontal bars, lifting dirt from sills.

How can pure water not leave any marks or droplets?
Rain and tap water contain mineral and calcium deposits, pollution, and chemicals.
Pure water has every element stripped out to become pure.
We produce pure water using a technique called reverse osmosis.
The end result is 100% laboratory-graded pure water.
Because of its purity, nothing can be deposited on the windows.

NB Following the first 1 or 2 cleans you may notice some minor spotting caused by previously used detergent. After these initial cleans you will notice that your windows stay cleaner and brighter for longer, and as we clean frames and sills you will have a better finish.

Can pure water damage my property or building?
No. More damage is caused from pollution in the rain or atmosphere.

Do I need to be there to let you have access?
Some of our customers like to be present, but the vast majority are happy to receive our schedule text, phone call or email telling them that their windows are due for their clean. They know that they need to unlock side gates and shut all the windows. When we have completed the clean, a payment slip, with our details, is posted through your door.

What is the current law for working at height?
With True Shine Windows our customers do not have to worry about this.
We use a window washing system specially designed to perfectly clean and polish high-rise windows whilst standing on the ground.