Special offer to NEW customers only until 6pm Tuesday 30 April 2013

3-bedroom house £10.00 first clean
4-bedroom house and above £20.00 first clean

Ring now on 01376 572046 or MOBILES 07957 618322 for David or 07903 221374 for Charmaine.

Terms and Conditions
*Conservatories NOT included
*Guttering NOT included
*Fascias and Soffits NOT included
*An ongoing price is agreed and charged for first clean and discount will be added to second clean
*Second clean must be within 8 weeks for discount to apply

Detergent on glass – who needs it?

Did you know that detergent used to clean your windows acts like a magnet to dirt and grime?

The detergent leaves a film, causing dirt to stick more readily than the Pure Water used with the Water Fed Pole System. Using Pure Water technology means your windows and frames stay cleaner for longer and mould-free.

New Year’s Resolution


If you need inspiration for a resolution for 2013, how about getting your conservatory cleaned in time for Spring?! Call David or Charmaine on 01376 572046 to book a site visit and find out how we can remove all the grime and algae from your conservatory and get it looking as good as new.

Get ready for Christmas..

Get ready for Christmas & New Year and book your conservatory cleans ready for family visits and entertaining. Call David or Charmaine on 01376 572046 or 07957 618322 to get a quotation and book a slot.
Check our Conservatories for more information.

You may also want your windows or soffits cleaned or smartened up before you put your lights and decorations up around them. Call us now and we’ll visit you to discuss what you need doing.


Bumper crop of spiders!!

We love spiders – but so many of our customers HATE them with a vengeance!!
And it seems that the second worst place to find them (after the bath tub!) is on your windows, covering the glass and frames with their webs…call True Shine Windows and we’ll remove their webs, clean and polish your glass and remove all traces of them.

Ask for David on 01376 572046 or 07957 618322


Crop dust everywhere!!

As a business or homeowner based in a semi-rural part of Essex you can’t fail to notice the farmers harvesting their crops, using enormous machinery and generating immense clouds of dust and debris. Most of the dust falls back to the ground but quite a significant part of it drifts over the fields, lands on your car and settles on your windows and conservatories. Add to that a quick summer downpour and a sludgy residue is smeared all over your glass. Not pretty!

Call True Shine Windows to get rid off the crop dust and grime and get your windows beautifully clear and back to how you like them. Ask for David or Charmaine on 01376 572046 or 07957 618322.


May Day, May Day, May Day !!

Traditionally the start of Summer and the Morris dancers & Maypole dancers are let loose!! And the beer tents and the cake stalls are busy selling their wares at May Fairs in villages and towns.
Mayday can also be a cry to summon help in an emergency ….. if you have a window or conservatory disaster that needs sorting, call 01376 572046 or 07957 618322 and we’ll come to your rescue!!