Detergent on glass – who needs it?

Did you know that detergent used to clean your windows acts like a magnet to dirt and grime?

The detergent leaves a film, causing dirt to stick more readily than the Pure Water used with the Water Fed Pole System. Using Pure Water technology means your windows and frames stay cleaner for longer and mould-free.

Orangeries need TLC too!!

Breakfast at BNI in Maldon

Went as a visitor to Maldon Business to Business BNI Chapter this morning. Great team and a significant number of visitors there. Over 35 present at breakfast so it was a very busy and energetic meeting. Lots of positive feedback from people who are familiar with the Water Fed Pole System and how it works. And more than once it was mentioned that flat roofs and porches are not damaged with our system. (We don’t need to clamber all over your property to get your windows clean). Always great to talk to others and describe what services we offer and to hear about other businesses too.

Get ready for Christmas..

Get ready for Christmas & New Year and book your conservatory cleans ready for family visits and entertaining. Call David or Charmaine on 01376 572046 or 07957 618322 to get a quotation and book a slot.
Check our Conservatories for more information.

You may also want your windows or soffits cleaned or smartened up before you put your lights and decorations up around them. Call us now and we’ll visit you to discuss what you need doing.


Bumper crop of spiders!!

We love spiders – but so many of our customers HATE them with a vengeance!!
And it seems that the second worst place to find them (after the bath tub!) is on your windows, covering the glass and frames with their webs…call True Shine Windows and we’ll remove their webs, clean and polish your glass and remove all traces of them.

Ask for David on 01376 572046 or 07957 618322