Detergent on glass – who needs it?

Did you know that detergent used to clean your windows acts like a magnet to dirt and grime?

The detergent leaves a film, causing dirt to stick more readily than the Pure Water used with the Water Fed Pole System. Using Pure Water technology means your windows and frames stay cleaner for longer and mould-free.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Many more people are investing in solar panels and water heating systems encouraged by Government grants and the soaring costs of energy bills.

Help your environmentally-friendly investment work at full capacity! Dirty, grimy solar panels can’t capture all of the energy that the sun pours on to them. We will clean and maximise their efficiency, enabling them to capture as much energy as possible. We’ll give them the professional care they need and get them spic and span.

Don’t let your investment go to waste! Call True Shine Windows and increase your solar panels’ energy output today!

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