Get ready for Christmas..

Get ready for Christmas & New Year and book your conservatory cleans ready for family visits and entertaining. Call David or Charmaine on 01376 572046 or 07957 618322 to get a quotation and book a slot.
Check our Conservatories for more information.

You may also want your windows or soffits cleaned or smartened up before you put your lights and decorations up around them. Call us now and we’ll visit you to discuss what you need doing.


Restaurants in Colchester

Have been asked to price up two restaurants in Colchester…have a good feeling about this contract. Please let us know if you are a restaurant or business owner looking for a reliable and friendly window cleaner for your premises.

Call David or Charmaine on 01376 572046 or 07957 618322

Conservatory in Colchester cleaned

A good sized conservatory, measuring 5m x 4m, had all moss from it’s roof removed (a bucketful, in fact!) and all algae and grime cleaned from the PVC. Also gone are the muddy dog paw prints from the two family dogs left on the sills and frame of the doors around the handles.

Bumper crop of spiders!!

We love spiders – but so many of our customers HATE them with a vengeance!!
And it seems that the second worst place to find them (after the bath tub!) is on your windows, covering the glass and frames with their webs…call True Shine Windows and we’ll remove their webs, clean and polish your glass and remove all traces of them.

Ask for David on 01376 572046 or 07957 618322


Crop dust everywhere!!

As a business or homeowner based in a semi-rural part of Essex you can’t fail to notice the farmers harvesting their crops, using enormous machinery and generating immense clouds of dust and debris. Most of the dust falls back to the ground but quite a significant part of it drifts over the fields, lands on your car and settles on your windows and conservatories. Add to that a quick summer downpour and a sludgy residue is smeared all over your glass. Not pretty!

Call True Shine Windows to get rid off the crop dust and grime and get your windows beautifully clear and back to how you like them. Ask for David or Charmaine on 01376 572046 or 07957 618322.


Christmas countdown!

Christmas is around the corner and we’re busy with customers’ pre-Christmas conservatory and window clean getting their homes tip-top and ready Santa’s arrival.

If you need the True Shine Windows magic touch give us a call on 01376 572046 or 07957 618322 or send an email through our contact page and we’ll book you in.


Summer revisited!

Following a fairly dire summer we now have superb weather and lots of sunshine. Everyone’s making the best of it and the roads are busy with people journeying to beaches and country parks.

In the meantime, the sunshine is showing up all the cobwebs and grime on your windows….and when you’re sitting in your conservatory the dirt will be staring right back at you.

Call David or Charmaine on 01376 572046 or 07957 618322 to ask for a quotation and a £5 demo.
See for yourself what our Water Fed Pole system can do.


Spider population explosion….

It seems that the weather conditions recently have been ideal for our spiders and their population – they seem to be weaving their webs in every nook and cranny – including your window frames, front doors, and conservatories.

Call True Shine Windows to help clean up those bothersome webs!


Ask for David or Charmaine on 01376 572046 or 07957 618322